Photo taken by Anne Hoang     

Photo taken by Anne Hoang     



Java Developer @ BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, 2015 – 2016

My job at BAE Systems is to help deliver a long term integrated solution along with several custom solutions to one of our clients. I use my software development skills and knowledge of agile methodologies to deliver in an iterative and maintainable manner. Due to large growth, this job has expanded to include feature design, testing, onsite L2/L3 support and deployment.

I have worked on a broad range of tasks including, a data migration, software upgrades, hardware installs, customer demos, defect triaging, UI development.

Game Developer Intern @ Sulon Technologies, Feb 2013

Working as an intern at a next generation VR startup in Toronto, I was employed to design and create levels using Unity3D. These levels would be delivered to the player through the VR headset created by Sulon Technologies and controlled by the Razor Hydra. My job was to create levels to display the abilities of the VR technology to investors, other engineers from the game industry and eventually the general public. I worked in a startup environment consisting of 6 development staff, 2 of which worked on level design and creation in Unity3D.

Software Engineer @ IBM, 2008 – 2012

My job was to develop and maintain the Web Content Manager, which is packaged as a part of IBM’s all in one solution called WebSphere Portal. WebSphere Portal was sold to both internal and external clients across the world. The purpose of Web Content Manager was to help businesses manage their web presence in a scalable manner. We dealt with enterprise business issues such as performance, serving localized content, third party software integration, data migration and rendering/pre-rending their websites. My main responsibilities were to attend scrums and status meetings, produce relevant UML documentation for features, break down tasks for each feature, size tasks for features, implement features(mainly Java), write automated unit tests for features where applicable (JUnit/Mockito), write automated black box tests where applicable (Selenium), present features to internal IBM staff (mostly to local Sydney team, but also internationally) and raise, track and finally fix bugs. I did all of this on Windows and Unix based systems in an agile team. Occasionally I would help out the L3 support team, the test team and the build team as well.

Freelance Website Developer, 2010

A self employed side project i picked up with another friend(consultant) during my tenure at IBM. Our client was a construction company which required an updated web presence which they could update themselves. For the latter reason, i decided to use a user-centric CMS like WordPress. The client also required two other notable features on their website, an image gallery grouped by project with each image having an editable comment and a blog roll sorted either by date and/or project with an option to comment. Since content for these two items were dynamic, i used categories to organize the current and future posts and presented them in a nice manner on the website. See the website here.

IT Support @ CAMEO Bookings Pty Ltd, 2007

I pick up this as a part-time job in my last year in university working for an Association Management company. Our job was to help small associations promote and support their day to day activities. My job was to provide the technical support required in creating and maintaining a web presence. Day to day activities would include making small changes and adding content to production websites, creating and sending out HTML rich email communications to association members and advising on general internal IT issues. Other activities that are less common include reporting website traffic to clients, acting as the technical liaison between our clients and their web hosts and implementing small features on client websites.

Volunteer Data Entry @ Greenpeace, 2006

Web content data entry.


Formal Education

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology @ University of Technology Sydney, 2004 – 2007

A computer science course which i tailored to be focused in application development. I participated in the Young Achievement Australia program which centered around the development of business skills, the Peer Network program where current students welcomed and helped new students adapt to university life and participated in scrimmages with the Basketball Society.



Enterprise: Java, Eclipse, Spring, Hibernate, Annotations, Log4J, Bouncy Castle, Maven, XML, XSD, JSTL, MYSQL, TestNG, Bash, Apache Tomcat, Perforce, Git, SourceTree, JUnit, Mockito, Selenium, Jython, SQL, DB2, Oracle, Derby, JSON, Ant

Web: Spring MVC, JavaScript, HTML, Python, JSP, CSS, XHTML, jQuery, PHP, WordPress

Games: XNA, C#, limejs, Unity 3D, Libgdx